the aquagear filter removes tap water contaminants that other filters miss.

Sustainable Design

We close the loop by offering complimentary filter recycling for our customers.

Independent Lab Testing

Tested by accredited third-party labs to meet NSF Standards for contaminant reduction.

Filter Power

Removes PFOA/PFOS, microplastics, lead, mercury, chlorine, VOCs, trace pharmaceuticals and more.

Proven by science

We think you deserve to know what your water filter is doing for you. The Aquagear filter is independently tested to provide healthier, better tasting water, guaranteed.

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For every filter sold, our foundation provides 6 months of clean water

The Aquagear Foundation is committed to ending water poverty within our lifetimes. The Aquagear Foundation helps install biosand filters in rural Tanzania. With your help, we are saving lives with better water.

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"The Aquagear water filter pitcher is ideal if you're looking to get the most impurities out of your drinking water. It's rigorously tested to meet the highest standards for contaminant reduction."

– @bustle

"Keep the Aquagear pitcher around for lead-free water at all times."

– @thrillist

Pitcher carafe with filter
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The Aquagear Filter removes toxins like PFOA/PFOS ("Forever Chemicals"), microplastics, lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, chlorine, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and more.

Other filters don’t.

Lifetime warranty. Free shipping. Complimentary filter recycling.