7 Things That You Need to Know About Fluoride

7 Things That You Need to Know About Fluoride

1) Most European countries do not fluoridate their tap water.

That's right, 97% of the western European population drinks non-fluoridated tap water. After reviewing the evidence against fluoridation, many European countries dismantled their fluoridation system. According to the World Health Organization, tooth decay within these countries appears to be falling. To learn more about why much of Europe chose not to add fluoride to their water, visit our blog post.

netherlands does not fluoridate tap water

Amsterdam, Netherlands. One of the many European countries where residents receive fluoride free tap water.
2) Fluoride is virtually undetectable in tap water
Fluoridated tap water does not give off any detectable smell nor does it taste different than non-fluoridated tap. This makes it impossible to know whether or not your tap water contains fluoride by just using your senses. The only way to reduce your tap's fluoride concentration to safe levels is to use a qualified filter. 
3) The first community in the United States to fluoridate its tap water was Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945. 
Years later, in 1951, adding fluoride to tap water systems became the official policy of the US Public Health Service. By 1960 tap water fluoridation in the United States became a mainstream practice. 
4) Fluoride can be present in a variety of other drinks and foods. 
Tea, especially black tea, can be particularly high in fluoride due to absorption through the soil. Similarly, other crops and agricultural products can contain elevated levels if the soil its grown in is high in fluoride. Mechanically deboned meat, such as chicken nuggets, also contains higher than normal fluoride concentrations.
toothpastes contains fluoride
5) You might be getting enough fluoride through the use of commercially available dental products. 
Most toothpaste contains fluoride as per the recommendation of the American Dental Association. Many people wish to see fluoride removed from the tap site this as one of their main arguments against the practice. 
6) In 2012 Harvard published a study on the health effects of fluoride consumption.
The study entitled "Impact of fluoride on neurological development in children" was published in the Environmental Health Perspectives issue. The purpose of the study was to investigate how fluoride might affect the neurological development of children. After reviewing IQ measurements of 8,000 school children, it appeared to the researchers that fluoride consumption may negatively affect IQ scores. To learn more about the "Harvard Study" visit the source material.
7) You can remove fluoride from your tap water using a qualified water filter pitcher. 
Our Aquagear filter pitcher has been independently tested to remove 90.1% of fluoride. So the choice to remove fluoride from your tap water is entirely up to you!