Bloggers Love The Aquagear Fluoride Filter Pitcher

Bloggers Love The Aquagear Fluoride Filter Pitcher

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our fluoride filter pitcher has such a positive impact in the lives of so many people. Every so often we get notified that our filter pitcher gets reviewed and written up online. These talented bloggers and reviewers can come from all walks of life, and they often occupy various spheres of the internet. You can find most of them in the wellness community, but others are representatives of the fitness, yoga, and autoimmune support community. We're truly grateful for their willingness to take the time to share our product with their friends, family and online community. Together with their steadfast support, we strive to bring fluoride awareness into the mainstream conversation. We also continue to make products like our Aquagear Filter Pitcher, that gives people the option to say no to fluoride. 

In this blog post, we'd like to highlight some of the amazing and talented bloggers who have showcased out fluoride filter pitcher. Please take a moment to visit their website or follow them on Instagram to see more of their incredible work. Enjoy!


Good Nutrition Medicine by Emily Penn - Why Water Filtration Matters

aquagear fluoride filter pitcher

"I've been using the Aquagear pitcher for about two weeks now and I LOVE IT. I was actually shocked at how different this water tastes. It's noticeable. Like I said, I've been using a top brand filter pitcher but it definitely doesn't compare to how clean this water tastes.

The best part? My water is free of fluoride. Aquagear also filters out all the other usual suspects that show up in our drinking water: lead, chlorine, mercury, chloramine and chromium 6."


Light by Megan Rae - Introducing the Best Water Filter for Your Home

best home fluoride filter pitcher ever

"Did you know that 96% of our conventional water filters don’t remove heavy metals, fluoride, and dozens of other contaminants from our water? I 100% did not know this, but thankfully my Aquagear takes care of that for me by removing 2,000% more contaminants than the leading brand name water filter. This is why my family and friends can notice and taste a difference in the water filtered through the Aquagear compared to the water filtered through our old Britas or through the fridge. Even though the AquaGear filter is taking out so many contaminants it leaves the good minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water."


 All the Verdure by Helene Trager-Kusman - Clean Water Club

all the verdure aquagear fluoride filter pitcher

"Most of us as Americans have fluoride, heavy metals, chromium 6, chloramines, and countless other contaminants in our tap water... Seems hard to believe with water filters that come on many taps, fridges, etc. but it is important to do our research because 96% of conventional household filters still do not remove these contaminants!

Using an Aquagear filter is a no-brainer for me. I am totally willing to claim my filtered water snob label knowing that I am helping take care of not only my health but the health of our planet and families in developing countries without access to clean water."