Can Drinking Fluoridated Water Cause Acne?

Can Drinking Fluoridated Water Cause Acne?

It's universally understood that certain contaminants, like lead and arsenic, pose severe health effects when they are present in tap water systems. Fluoride, on the other hand, does not conjure such a clear conclusion. Some researchers, citing strong evidence, swear against fluoridation as a means of improving public health while others vehemently disagree. One woman, Melissa Gallico, is claiming that fluoride in tap water is a contributing factor to chronic acne. We recently became aware of Ms. Gallico's investigation of fluoride and our interest was most certainly piqued. After reviewing some of her findings, we decided that it might be something of interest to our customers and readers. 

*Here's what we found...

Melissa Gallico, author of "The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It," is a former FBI intelligence analyst who has turned her investigative skills on fluoride. 

Within her book, Melissa mentions that she experienced chronic acne for much of her life. It was only when she started traveling overseas to different countries that she started to experience some relief. After launching a thorough investigation she found that a lifetime of consuming fluoride might be contributing to her acne. The countries that she had visited for work had in fact not been following any water fluoridation protocols. Melissa and some of her followers believe that consuming fluoride may inhibit the function of the thyroid; an important gland for hormone production. 

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*Disclaimer:  Melissa Gallico is not a doctor or researcher. Her views are not scientific research, but only an opinion formed from her own investigation.