Filter Your Water for Breadmaking

Filter Your Water for Breadmaking

If you are getting into breadmaking, then you might want start paying more attention to one of your key ingredients: water. 

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Have you ever noticed that some breadmaking recipes call for chlorine-free tap water? Well, that's because chlorine, a chemical agent, can effectively kill the live yeasts that bread making relies on. Chlorine is added to your tap to remove any biological material. And while this may be effective at removing pathogens, the process is going to make it difficult to raise live yeasts. Experienced bakers know that the best way to achieve airy, moist bread with the perfect crumb is to use chlorine-free water. 

So what's the secret to avoiding chlorine from devouring your active yeasts? Filter your water of course! Our Aquagear Filter Pitcher safely removes chlorine, while keeping all the essential minerals that bakers rely on for flavor and taste.