More Ways to Use Fluoride-Free Water in Your Home

More Ways to Use Fluoride-Free Water in Your Home

Are you trying to avoid fluoride at home? Maybe you've read some of the science that suggests that it might not be so good for us. Or maybe you're just choosing to filter fluoride from your tap water for your other reasons. Whichever the case, the Aquagear home filter pitcher is available to empower you with the choice to remove fluoride. And our filter pitcher isn't just for making clean, crisp and fluoride-free drinking water. No, the water made using the Aquagear filter pitcher can be used for a lot more than that!

Let's explore some other things that your fluoride-free water can be used for: 

Use fluoride-free water when making your milk alternatives
like almond and oat!

fresh fluoride-free oat milk

Making almond milk requires a lot of water. Why not ensure that your end product is fluoride-free and use only filtered water?

If you've ever made any kind of alternative milk before then you know how much of the process requires water. Most alternative milk, like almond, for instance, is nearly made up entirely of water. So, if you're avoiding fluoride in your drinking water, then why miss an opportunity to filter it out of your nut or grain milk! For a  great almond milk recipe check out How to Make Almond Milk at Home. Follow the recipe exactly as it says, but just substitute Aquagear fluoride-free water for the regular tap! Your finished product is certainly bound to be much better and healthier than anything that you will find in the supermarket. Heck, it will even beat anything at the health shop because you know that it is 100% fluoride-free! 

Fluoride-free tinctures, sprays and more!

fluoride free tinctures sprays and more

Are you a DIY apothecary? Well, then you should probably reconsider what kind of water you're using to make your wellness products. After all, they are supposed to reduce toxins and promote wellness, right? Here's a tip: anytime one of your recipes calls for water, simply replace it with water filtered using your Aquagear. Doing so will guarantee a more robust and fluoride-free product!

Give your beans, chickpeas and other legumes a fluoride-free soak!
legume soak with fluoride free aquagear water
We learned this awesome tip from one of our customers. He says that since most beans and other legumes take up so much water when you soak them, that he prefers to use fluoride-free water. Just give the beans, lentils or chickpeas a good rinse with regular tap water and then leave them overnight in a bowl of water filtered using your Aquagear filter pitcher. The following morning, drain your legumes and cook them however you'd like!
If you've got any great tips on how you're using fluoride-free water in your home, feel free to share them with us at To grab your own Aquagear home fluoride filter pitcher click here.