Study Correlates Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy to Intelligence

Study Correlates Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy to Intelligence

According to Medical News Today, "a new study suggests that children exposed to high levels of fluoride in utero may be less intelligent than those exposed to lower levels." The study, which was published in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal, used data collected from 299 Mexican mothers and their children. The mother's urine samples were gathered during pregnancy and the children's levels were checked from age 6-12. This gave scientists an unprecedented look at fluoride levels as historic methods only included best estimates of local water levels. By actually collecting urine samples the scientists were able to obtain extremely accurate data. Here is what we know about the study:

The study was carried out by Dr. Howard Hu. of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto in Canada. Working with his colleagues, Dr. Hu measured the General Cognitive Index of each child and made a recording. Recordings were made of each child from the study sample from at age for and for each year between 6 and 12. After many years the study was concluded and much time was taken to measure and access the data. 

Finally, the results were revealed...

The study suggested that mothers who were exposed to higher levels of fluoride during pregnancy raised children who were likely to have lower intelligence. More specifically, for every 0.5-milligram increase in the pregnant mother's fluoride levels, their future children's intelligence score would drop between 3.15 and 2.5 points. 

The results in this particular sample appeared to shed some light on the link between fluoride presence during neural development and intelligence. However, the scientists involved understand that more studies like this one must be carried out before a full conclusion can be made. 

To learn more about this study visit the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal. To read the source material for this article, please visit The Medical News Today article. If you want to learn more about fluoride and how fluoride in your tap water might be negatively affecting your health, visit our blog.