How to Avoid Fluoride During Pregnancy

How to Avoid Fluoride During Pregnancy

Like all expecting mothers, one might be paying very close attention to what they are consuming. After all, it's no secret that what a pregnant mom chooses to eat can directly affect health outcome of their child. And while almost everyone certainly knows of the kinds foods and drinks to stay away from, some might even consider adding fluoride to that list. According to a recent study published in the Environmental Perspectives Journal, drinking water with high levels of fluoride during pregnancy might negatively impact the intelligence of children. So, just in case you are a concerned mother to-be here is a list of ways you can curb your consumption of fluoride!

Use a non-fluoride toothpaste 

If you're choosing to avoid fluoride, then is one of the easiest ways to do so. Simply put away your regular toothpaste until after giving birth and switch to a fluoride free option. There are many brands available both in-store and online that make fluoride free toothpaste. 

Reduce your consumption of tea.

According to results of one study carried out in Ireland, where tea drinking is known to be a cultural habit, tea happens to be high in fluoride. "It is now acknowledged that of all the common foodstuffs, tea has one of the highest potentials for increasing the daily fluoride intake." Green and black teas, which absorb fluoride from the soil, might have the highest levels of fluoride among various teas. Herbal teas might be a good replacement, as they often contain blends of dried fruits and other non-tea plant alternatives.

Avoid mechanically deboned meats.

Most mechanically deboned and pulverized meats like chicken nuggets can be quite high in fluoride content. As reported by The Fluoride Action Network, "Since bone is the main site of fluoride accumulation in the body, the higher levels of bone particle in mechanically deboned meat can result in significantly elevated fluoride levels." 

And finally...filter fluoride out of your tap water!

This might not be as obvious as quitting fluoridated toothpaste, but we think it comes in pretty close. In case you're unaware almost every city in the United States adds fluoride to its tap water. You can safely remove fluoride from your tap water using a qualified home filter pitcher.