How to Avoid Fluoride When You Travel

How to Avoid Fluoride When You Travel

Are you adamant about avoiding fluoride in your drinking water at any cost? Well, then what do you do when you're traveling? Here are some tips that can help you avoid fluoride when you travel to a new place.

traveling and avoiding fluoride

1) First, do some research on the tap water system of the city or country that you are going to visit.

This first step is very important because unlike the United States, not many countries around the world actually add fluoride to their water. Most of Europe, for example, does not fluoridate their tap water. Many of those countries simply never adopted the practice or they dismantled their fluoridation system entirely. So, chances are if you find yourself in a country like Germany or Sweden you most certainly won't have to bring along your fluoride filter pitcher. Similarly, in Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and India do not add fluoride to their drinking water. However, if you find yourself planning a trip to Australia, you might want to consider investigating the cities you choose because 70% of the country receives fluoridated tap water. 

2) Bring your Aquagear fluoride filter pitcher along!

Believe it or not, we do hear from a customer every now and then who mentions that they travel with their filter pitcher. While it may not be the easiest thing to tote around, it does pay off because you're able to have clean, crisp and fluoride-free drinking water everywhere! For some people who may not want to bring along their whole filter pitcher unit, we don't see anything wrong with packing just your filter and reservoir. Just make sure both are dry and leave them connected together. Once you've arrived at your final destination you can simply set it up above a large bottle or glass vessel. 

3) Don't go!

Okay, we're just kidding about this one. If you're traveling to a new place that definitely practices fluoridation and you don't want to bring your filter pitcher, you should go anyways. Don't ever miss an opportunity to visit new places. Drinking fluoridated tap water for a few days, or weeks will not have a large impact on your health. We live on such a beautiful and culturally rich planet, so make the most of it! Bon voyage and safe travels!