New Zealand Supreme Court Says Fluoridation is Mass Medicating

New Zealand Supreme Court Says Fluoridation is Mass Medicating

For over 60 years, a group of activists in New Zealand has been working hard to push back against the country's policy of water fluoridation. Just last week, their goal was finally achieved: fluoridation is now named "compulsory mass medication" by the Supreme Court. The decision came after a majority vote from court members decided that fluoridation is an unlawful medical treatment without public consent. According to Scoop, overwhelming evidence against the practice should be enough to end fluoridation at any moment. 

auckland new zealand water fluoridation

Beautiful Auckland, New Zealand (population ~1.5 million) where tap water fluoridation protocols could end soon.

Here's what else we know:

The practice of adding fluoride to public water systems in New Zealand first began in 1954 within the town of Hastings. An inquiry into the safety of the practice was almost immediately commissioned, but soon after fluoridation protocols were ramped up and spread across the country. Roughly half of New Zealand's' nearly 4.7 million people receive fluoridated water. Of the country's six main centers, only Christchurch and Tauranga do not have a fluoridated water supply.*

The recent Supreme Court deliberation did not include or cite evidence from a recent study linking fluoride exposure during pregnancy to reduced IQ rates. The court did, however, mention that the benefit to dental health from fluoride exposure is through topical application and not ingestion. According to Scoop, the majority held that the issue of treating tooth decay should be a decision that resides at the local level. In other words, the entire country of New Zealand should not be involved in matters of dental hygiene, but instead, this issue should be decided by individuals within their respective communities. 

To learn more about the Supreme Court's decision on fluoride, visit Snoop NZ article here.

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*Wikipedia article about tap water fluoridation history in New Zealand's history cited above.-