These Communities Have Decided to Kick Fluoride Out

These Communities Have Decided to Kick Fluoride Out

Ever since the practice of adding fluoride to public tap water began, community activists and opposition parties have rallied against it. These groups have sued local government, challenged court rulings, and banded together under one unifying message - to get fluoride out of their tap water. According to the history of fluoride, the practice of fluoridation became the official policy of the United States Health Service by the year 1951. And by 1960, fluoridation became ubiquitous with roughly 50 million Americans being piped fluoridated water.  Fast forward over 50 years and that number would grow to over 210 million in the year 2012. Today, nearly all US homes that rely on public water supplies receive tap water treated with fluoride. Opponents of fluoride believe that adding it to public water is a form of unlawful mass medication and that whatever benefits it may provide might be outweighed by various health risks. Today, their fight continues but many of these communities have successfully voted fluoride out of their towns. Here are a number of communities over the past few years that have been successful in giving fluoride the boot.

communities who have voted to end fluoride 

Edgartown, Massachusetts - April 2018

Voters overwhelmingly defeated an initiative to add fluoride to their town's water.

Bisbee, Arizona - February 2018

Bisbee city councils decide to shoot down fluoride in a 7-0 vote. 

Occilia, Georgia - November 2017

City voters decided to eliminate their town's practice of tap water fluoridation.

Port Angeles, Washington - November 2017

After fluoridation had been halted for a number of years, voters decided to not resume. Port Angeles is now fluoride free.

Buda, Texas - November 2017

A proposition calling for the reintroduction of fluoride back into Buda’s city water supply was not passed. The town of Buda remains fluoride free.

Walden, New York - October 2017

The city council approved a resolution to remove fluoride from their tap water by a 4-2 vote.

Oconto Falls, Wisconsin -  August 2017

The town's 50-year practice of tap water fluoridation was decided to be eliminated on August 8, 2017, by city council members. 

Piedmont, Alabama - May 2017

Fluoridation in Piedmont was stopped 4 years before the town would vote on it's reintroduction in 2017. City council voted not to reintroduce fluoride into the tap water in May 2017.

Alexandria City, Indiana - April 2017

City council leaders voted to keep Alexandria City fluoride-free.

Patton, Pennsylvania - October 2016 

City water department ended tap water fluoridation on October 31, 2016. 

Hardin, Montana - August 2016

The Hardin City Council passed a motion in July of 2016 reaffirming its stance to keep the town’s water supply free of fluoride.

Buffalo, Wyoming - June 2016

After months of discussions Buffalo’s City Council announced in June 2016 there will be no fluoride added to Buffalo’s municipal water at least for the foreseeable future.

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