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100,000 Alabamans advised not to drink the water

The West Morgan East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority has advised the approximately 100,000 people served by their water system not to drink tap water until further notice due.

The EPA issued a health advisory May 19 that the chemical contaminants in the water could be harmful to humans at lower concentrations than previously thought, and Thursday morning the water authority board decided to issue the do-not-drink advisory on the recommendation of general manager Don Sims.

The utility provides drinking water for about 100,000 people in Lawrence and Morgan Counties and has about 10,000 direct residential customers.

It also provides water for the West Lawrence Water Cooperative, and used to provide for the V.A.W. Water System, which serves the Vinemont area north of Cullman. V.A.W. switched to a different water supply after the advisory.