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What is Fluoride, and how does it enter the water supply? (Source: US EPA)

"Fluoride compounds are salts that form when the element, fluorine, combines with minerals in soil or rocks. Many communities add fluoride to their drinking water to promote dental health. Some fluoride compounds, such as sodium fluoride and fluorosilicates, dissolve easily into ground water as it moves through gaps and pore spaces between rocks. Most water supplies contain some naturally occurring fluoride. Fluoride also enters drinking water in discharge from fertilizer or aluminum factories. Also, many communities add fluoride to their drinking water to promote dental health."

How can Fluoride affect my health? (Source: US EPA)

"Exposure to excessive consumption of fluoride over a lifetime may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults, and may result in effects on bone leading to pain and tenderness. Children aged 8 years and younger exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride have an increased chance of developing pits in the tooth enamel, along with a range of cosmetic effects to teeth."

Can Aquagear remove Fluoride from my drinking water? (Source: Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner)

Yes, Aquagear water filters remove up to 90% of Fluoride. This test was completed with the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner, and their reporting limit for this contaminant is 0.1. This means that the Aquagear water filter removed Fluoride to undetectable levels.

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