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How to Test Your Water for Lead

In a recent study conducted by the Meyocks group it was revealed that 43% of Americans are unsure about the safety of their tap water. 43%. That figure is nearly half of the population of the entire U.S. The number is staggering, but not surprising considering that we're living with the memory of the disaster in Flint, Michigan.

woman holds water from flint Michigan

Flint resident reveals sample's of her water.

If you're like any of the some 120 million residents who may believe that their water is contaminated than we urge you to order a test kit. Test kits are easy to come by via online or at your local hardware store. They're also pretty darn accurate considering they cost just some 15 dollars. We recommend First Alert drinking water test kit. Look for it on Amazon or as mentioned, at your local hardware store. 

tap water test kit lead

The testing process is quite easy and with immediate results. Within minutes you'll know your tap water's bacteria, lead, nitrate, and pesticide concentrations. You'll also know your water's hardness, pH and more!