Recycling your water filters

We'll recycle your used water filter—whether it’s Aquagear or not.

We’re taking action to keep waste out of our landfills and oceans. Whether you are an Aquagear customer or not, we will take back your used filter for recycling.

Aquagear customers recycle at no charge. If you are interested in recycling a non-Aquagear filter, we charge a small fee to cover the cost of the program.

What are you recycling?

Aquagear Filter

Recycling is free for all Aquagear customers. Click the link below to submit a request for a postage-paid return label.


Non-Aquagear Filter

We charge a flat rate of $5.00 to recycle a non-Aquagear filter. This helps cover the costs of shipping and recycling your returned filter.


Why do we have a recycling program?

We want to keep water filters out of our landfills. We close the loop by providing customers an option to send back their used filter for recycling.

Now we are taking this program one step further by offering our filter recycling program to select non-Aquagear filters.

You recycle, we double our clean water donation.

When you purchase an Aquagear filter, we donate six months of clean water through the Aquagear Foundation by helping build and install biosand filters in rural Tanzania. When you recycle, we double that donation.

We also donate six months of clean water for non-Aquagear filters returns.

Learn more about the Aquagear Foundation

Recycling supports clean water in Tanzania

For every filter recycled, the Aquagear Foundation provides six months of clean water to someone in need. With your help, the Aquagear Foundation is saving lives with proven and effective biosand filtration technology.