For Your Coffee


Coffee tastes better without lead and chlorine.

Coffee is 98.75-percent water. That’s why most boutique coffee houses use advanced (and expensive) filter systems that offer only the highest quality water.

Finally, this top-of-the-line filter power can be available in your own kitchen with a simple, patented device called the Aquagear filter pitcher.

You may already be using a pitcher for your coffee--perhaps Brita or Pur. But you may be surprised to know that these popular, mass market pitchers remove very few of the contaminants that matter most to the taste of your coffee. While they may remove some amount of chlorine, they have not been proven to remove contaminants that cause foul taste like chloride, sulfates, fluoride, and copper.


Aquagear’s patented filter is proven to remove all of these. Better yet, it does it without removing dissolved minerals that the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) recommend for best taste.


What coffee enthusiasts are saying:

Aquagear Filter Pitcher, Amazon Review, Kevin H.:

"I recently got into making higher quality coffee by using filtered water, and this pitcher has made a night and day difference. I will never go back to using tap/unfiltered water again. The flavor profile is completely different - the coffee has a cleaner, more pronounced taste, and the subtler notes are less muted than before. I have used this with a Chemex, French Press, and Espresso Machine all with great results. Don't fall onto the Brita bandwagon - this pitcher does everything the Brita does in a much better fashion. The Aquagear pitcher requires some initial setup, but the instructions are clear and it works perfectly. If you want to improve your coffee experience dramatically, give this one a try."

Aquagear Filter Pitcher, Amazon Review, Kyle P.:

"I purchased this coffee maker to replace an aging Brita that my roommates and I had been using for quite some time. Right off the bat I was extremely impressed at how well built this product is. The plastics - including the clear body, top reservior, and handle feel extremely durable and built to last. Most impressive of all is the filter itself. This thing is a beast - It completely dwarfs and embarrasses the puny little Brita filter. Water tastes so clean and refreshing - you can absolutely distinguish the taste from other water filters. Can't wait to use this thing every day."