The science behind better water

Aquagear has been independently lab tested to remove PFOA/PFOS, microplastics, lead and other heavy metals, chlorine, VOC, trace pharmaceuticals.

Filter power

Aquagear packs robust filter tech into a lightweight pitcher—no maintenance, no plumbing.

Aquagear uses highest quality ion exchange resins to protect your family from tap water’s most harmful contaminants.

Best taste guaranteed

The number one thing we hear from customers? Aquagear makes their water taste better than any filter they’ve ever tried. We think you’ll notice, too.

Independent Lab Test Results

We believe you deserve to know what your filter is doing for you. That’s why Aquagear publishes its independent lab test results for you to see. The Aquagear filter has been tested to EPA and SM protocols by ISO 17025 accredited labs. Below are the Aquagear filter test results.