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What does Aquagear protect you from? See for yourself.

You rely on your water filter to protect you and your family from the most dangerous tap water contaminants every day.

That's why you deserve to know what your filter is actually removing.

After many of years of testing, we have proven that Aquagear is the industry leader when removing harmful contaminants commonly found in municipal tap water like chlorine (99.99%), lead (97.5%), fluoride (90%), mercury (99.6%), trihalomethanes (99.99%) DDT (98.8%), Chromium-6 (99.87%). Aquagear's published removals for water contaminants are based on composite results from multiple lab tests.

Please click below to find the results from our most recent lab tests:

Below is the raw data from our most recent test in October 2015. These results come from an accredited, independent, and ISO 17025 certified lab:


 CONTAMINANT                       % REDUCTION
Antimony 99.7%
Arsenic 99.8%
Barium 99.9%
Cadmium 99.9%
Chromium 99.8%
Cobalt 99.9%
Copper 99.7%
Lead 99.9%
Molybdenum 99.9%
Nickel 99.6%
Selenium 99.7%
Thallium 99.9%
Vanadium 99.7%
Mercury 97.8%
Chromium 6+ 99.4%
Nitrate 97.6%
Nitrite 92.0%
Fluoride 89.36%

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