aquagear® TRITAN Filter Bottle

The ultimate tap water filter that removes fluoride!

Start enjoying freshly filtered water everywhere you go. The Tap Filter Bottle uses aquagear's patented filter to remove common tap water contaminants that most other filters miss, including chlorine, fluoride, and Chromium-6, as well pesticides, trace pharmaceuticals, and industrial runoff.

• produces up to 75 gallons of filtered water
• removes up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants
• food-grade material and BPA free
• filter is 100% recyclable and replaceable
• patent protected
• filters are made in the USA
• EPA/ANSI certified & exceeds NSF standards 42 & 53

What is your water filter actually removing?

We think you deserve to know, which is why we had our patented filter tested by the Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner. Click here to see the test results.